Interesting Facts About Rendang

Edited by admin on Mar 12, 2019

Who does not know rendang? Authentic cuisine of West Sumatra is already famous throughout Indonesia even to foreign countries. Not surprisingly, in addition to the taste of a typical and delicious, rendang has its own specialties from the side of history. In addition, this one food is very rich in spices and the way of processing can not be arbitrary.

Currently, through UNESCO Menbudpar is trying to patent rendang as one of Indonesia’s unique cultural heritage. And recently rendang won the award for the best food in the world. Wow, well .. cool ..
Want to know more about rendang? Consider just a few facts about the following rendang:

Rendang is a dish that can last up to 3 months without reheating, without changing the taste and aroma.
The longer stored it will be more tasty.
Rendang is the best food in the world.

Rendang is the original food of West Sumatra, Indonesia, which occupies the first position in the World’s 50 Delicious Food, an international poll made by international CNN in 2011.

In addition to being crowned as the world’s best food, rendang is also crowned as “The Most Balanced Food” food in the LA Travel & Adventure Show, the largest travel fairs in America held on 14 – 15 January 2012 in Los Angles, USA. The crowning rendang as “The Most Balanced Food” by the organizing committee is based on the judgment that rendang is the most delicious cuisine with a complete flavor composition. Wow .. ??
Rendang is a creative preparation of the people of West Sumatra which was formerly served to the king and the nobility.

Rendang facts

  • Cooked for approximately 8 hours for the perfect seasoning, and obtained a distinctive taste and delicious.
    To cook rendang must use coconut milk from the old coconut fruit because more fat to taste more tasty. When using instant coconut milk taste less so delicious.
    Rendang is popular in foreign countries. Not only famous in Indonesia, Rendang has also been in great demand abroad. Rendang has spread to continental Europe, even in various international culinary festivals, Europeans often look for rendang to taste.
    Cooking rendang can not be arbitrary. If cooking with low heat then it will only produce meat curry. When cooked will continue to be a rather greasy meat of meat and when cooked longer will produce rendang.
    Has its own philosophy for the people of Minang West Sumatra, the “musyawarah” which departs from 4 basic materials, namely;
    Daging (beef), is a symbol of Niniak Mamak (tribal leaders)
    Karambia (coconut), is a symbol of Intellectual Cadiak (Intellectuals)
    Lado (chilli), is a symbol of a spicy Alim Ulama, firmly to teach syarak (religion)
    Cookers (seasoning), is a symbol of the entire Minang society
    Rendang was already melanglang buana and exist since before the Adityawarman kingdom, more or less the 8th century.
    Rendang comes from the mountains, precisely the area Pariangan, Padang, West Sumatra. From there rendang began to spread to areas outside of Sumatra and even around the world.
    Excess rendang besides famous as a durable food also has spicy flavor. But when it comes to the tongue, spicy taste will be lost.
    To cook rendang should use firewood instead of stove. Fire produced from firewood can make perfectly cooked meat.
    In rendang processing, which should take precedence is the process of stirring the coconut milk should be done continuously in order to obtain a delicious rendang with blackish color.
    Rendang is a food from Padang, West Sumatra which was influenced by the taste of Indian cuisine.
    At first rendang made because the people of Padang need food to be brought over 2 months. As is known, Padang people love to wander, including for the provision of pilgrimage, let alone a trip to the ancient Mecca can take months to use the ship. Hence preserved by way of dried. Rendang, when cooked properly to dry, can last 1-3 months in the open air.
    Europeans like rendang. Globally its taste is also favored. In the rendang there is a Mediterranean mediteranian taste of Eastern Europe and there is Indian taste as well.

Already know more about rendang? Then, surely now more and more fall in love with rendang ..